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Great Beef starts with the breed.  The British Isles is blessed with more than its fair share of wonderful native breed cattle, but when it comes to the quality of its beef, the Red Ruby Devon reigns supreme.

Red Ruby Devon cattle have been officially recognised as a breed since 1851.  They are quiet, placid grazers with the perfect metabolism for converting grass into premium quality beef; a great source of natural, healthy protein.  In the UK, there are around 500 family farms keeping pedigree herds of Red Ruby Devons, often grazing environmentally-sensitive landscapes such as moorland and coastal fringes.  In fact Natural England recognise the Red Ruby Devon for its value as a natural conserver of the fauna and flora of these precious landscapes.  The Red Ruby Devon is part of your rural heritage and an important part of this country’s food & farming story.  Find out more about the breed www.redrubydevon.co.uk