Head Chef at The Pig loves Red Ruby Devon beef

Daniel Gavrillidis, Head Chef at The Pig at Combe, near Honiton, loves to cook with local ingredients.  Vegetables come straight from the hotel’s extensive kitchen garden.  When it comes to beef, his first choice is locally sourced, grass-reared Red Ruby Devon beef.  Daniel who has worked at top London restaurants joined The Pig at Bath, attracted by their “25 mile menu” ethos, sourcing ingredients, where ever possible, within a 25 mile radius.  Having recently moved to the West Country to take up his position as Head Chef at The Pig at Combe, Honiton, Dan has been delighted to find a rich resource of quality west country ingredients including Red Ruby Devon beef which he loves to cook with both for its eating quality and the fact that it supports environmentally sensitive farming in the region.

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